December 6, 2014: Paranormal Waypoint Returns – click the “Listen” tab above to hear the latest installment.


Paranormal Waypoint

Paranormal Waypoint covers all aspects of the paranormal from UFOs to Ghosts and Cryptozoology. However special attention is paid to the path of science, psychology, human perception and anti-structural or liminal states – just to name a few. Host Jeff Ritzmann, often finds guests from outside the paranormal fields, taking a multidisciplinary approach to tackling commonly held paranormal ideologies. You’ll also hear directly from “experiencers” (those directly experiencing paranormal activity) in a no-holds-barred discussion about not only the surface level experience, but going deep into high strangeness accounts you’ll likely not hear anywhere else.

Feel free to roam the website for show information, upcoming guests, Jeff’s blog, and special participation events into the paranormal you can do right in your own home in the “The Experiments” section (Curious? Click on the “The Experiments” tab in the site navigation for more info).

Paranormal Waypoint will also be the dissemination point for the Project: CORE data. Project CORE was a 6 month long survey into gathering anonymous paranormal experiences in addition to physical, ancestral, and psychological data. Will there be any commonalities between experiencers, or the experiences? Stay tuned to find out, as data is being poured over as of this writing. Keep an eye on the “News” section of this website and listen to Paranormal Waypoint for further information.

It’s time to break the mold of what it means to study the paranormal. Let’s cross the Waypoint.