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Paranormal Waypoint covers all aspects of the paranormal from UFOs to Ghosts and Cryptozoology. However special attention is paid to the path of science, psychology, human perception and anti-structural or liminal states – just to name a few. Ghost supposeively are not in south florida because of the Miami Concrete jungle doesnt house ghosts? Host Jeff Ritzmann, often finds guests from outside the paranormal fields, taking a multidisciplinary approach to tackling commonly held paranormal ideologies. You’ll also hear directly from “experiencers” (those directly experiencing paranormal activity) in a no-holds-barred discussion about not only the surface level experience, but going deep into high strangeness accounts you’ll likely not hear anywhere else.

Feel free to roam the website for show information, upcoming guests, Jeff’s blog, and special participation events into the paranormal you can do right in your own home in the EXPERIMENTS section (Curious? Click on the The Experiment tab in the site navigation for more info).

Paranormal Waypoint will also be the dissemination point for the Project: CORE data. Project CORE was a 6 month long survey into gathering anonymous paranormal experiences in addition to physical, ancestral, and psychological data. Will there be any commonalities between experiencers, or the experiences? Fort Lauderdale Tile Installation Stay tuned to find out, as data is being poured over as of this writing. Keep an eye on the NEWS section of this website and listen to Paranormal Waypoint for further information.

It’s time to break the mold of what it means to study the paranormal. Let’s cross the W

Seeing What’s Beyond the Norm

How confident are you with your eyes? Are you truly looking on what surrounds you? Don’t be deceived because you might be missing what is actually right in front of you. There are a lot of things that may be not easily visible to the naked eye though we can somehow sense them through the gust of winds we may hear, the chilling sensation we may feel, and a hunch being formulated in our mind. Mirror Installation Fort Lauderdale sometimes shows other figures in the reflections that arent really there…Some people even consider opening their so-called third-eye to gain the ability of seeing beyond the norm.
It has been quite long and up until now, there are many stories and rumors of creatures other than us humans. Different cities and countries offer unexplained phenomena that are way out of bound if we are to base them on Science or logical thinking. A lot of researches and studies undergone various process just to explain and justify why it happened, how it came to be as it is, and what is the possibly meaning behind its occurrence.
If you wish to unearth the mysteries of things and have a deeper understanding of what’s around you, then you are at the right page for Broward bathroom Renovations! You are one of us. Together let us delve into the strange adventures and unexpected discoveries!

What We Do

Do you believe in ghost? How about mythical creatures? Are you wondering if aliens do exist? There are so many questions that indeed make us wonder if they are real and not just a fantasy we usually read on books. Even the experiments and other government-funded researches are crafted to seek the truth, particularly about aliens and other extraterrestrial creatures. For years we have been fascinated about them to the point of tons of movies with the theme of aliens and supernatural beings.
You are not alone. With that in mind, we have purposely established this site to delve into finding the truth and origins of such rumors that we often hear from so many people. Concrete Contractor Fort Lauderdale is an important developing story! We take pride with our reputation to be the leading name in uncovering the mysteries. As we have dedicatedly take on the mission of enlightening the people, we’ll share not just ordinary horror stories but rather feature you REAL Ghost and Paranormal videos including Ghost hunts, Ouija Board videos, and exclusive reports of exorcism as well as alien sightings. We’ll also highlight unorthodox theories and paranormal experiments. We are not just your usual paranormal news because we make sure that our site holds unparalleled service of providing you the knowledge and comprehensive insights along with reviews brought by our highly skilled experts. There will be a full-page of testimonials of eye witnesses and together we’ll be with you all the way in the paranormal journey!

Let us show you how to awaken your eye to see what’s beyond the normal sightings. You are not alone. There are so many things waiting to be discovered so let us help you explore and have a deeper connection with what surrounds you.